Best Inflatable & Portable Hot Tub for 2016

Why spending thousands on conventional built-in hot tubs which are not easy to transport and definitely not easy to setup, when you can save a LOT of time, stress and money by buying an inflatable hot tub?

Intex 77in PureSpa

  • 4 person
  • 120 bubble jets
  • starstarstarstarstar

Coleman Lay-Z Spa

  • 4-6 person
  • 120 bubble jets
  • starstarstarstarstar

Bestway Lay-Z-Spa Miami

  • 4 person
  • 120 bubble jets
  • starstarstarstarstar

Non-inflatable Portable Hot Tubs:

Portable doesn’t have to mean inflatable. If you prefer hot tub made of rigid materials, but don’t want a heavy and impractical built-in hot tub, go for non-inflatable portable hot tub.

Lifesmart Rock Solid Luna

  • 4 person
  • 12 jets
  • starstarstarstarstar

Lifesmart Rock Solid Simplicity

  • 4 person
  • 12 jets
  • starstarstarstarstar


  • 4 person
  • Many microjets
  • starstarstarstarstar

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Technology has advanced and inflatable hot tubs are equal rivals to their built-in counterparts in terms of comfort and relax. High quality and durable materials mean years of fun, while integrated water filtration provides clean water each time you are about to enjoy warm and pleasing feel of the water.


Intex PureSpaintex purespaHigh quality spa designed for four people. Walls of the spa are very durable and made of triple layer laminated PVC. There are 120 high pressure bubble jets powered by 0.9 HP air blower for optimal relaxation. The water heater provides 1300 W (1.3 kW) of power to heat the water up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit, with water flow rate of 500 gallons per hour. Temperature rise is from 2 to 3 degrees Fahrenheit per hour.

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M-SPA Castellomspa castello
Great inflatable hot tub made of synthetic PVC leather designed for four people. It features 118 high power air jets for maximum relaxation. Heaters uses 1350 Watts of power to heat the water up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit. For temperature and air blower control there is an integrated control box. Temperature can rise at ~3 degrees Fahrenheit per hour.

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M-SPA super camaromspa super camaro

Inflatable spa made of premium PVC leather and built-in control box with touch controls for controlling temperature and 130 bubble jets. Capacity of spa is 245 Gallons. Heater produces 1350 Watts of power. Maximum attainable temperature is 104 degrees Fahrenheit. Up to 6 people will get inside this spa, which makes it excellent for parties or camping with an electric power generator.

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Lifesmart Rock Solid Luna

portable hot tubBeautiful portable spa with seats for three people and twelve jets. Lifesmart Rock Solid Luna is a portable plug&play product. This way you will avoid expensive hot tub installation and keep your whirlpool portable. Just plug it in your 110 V electric socket.

Lifesmart tubs also feature the ECO SMART technology – highly efficient energy management to deliver better performance using less energy and thus being energy saving.

Lifesmart Rock Solid Simplicity

lifesmart Rock Solid SimplicityPremium lifesmart portable hot tub with capacity of four people. “Rock solid simplicity” features twelve built-in high power jets and a waterfall. It is very easy to setup because it’s made as a plug&play and portable device. Lifesmart simplicity is made of ECO thermo plastic with foam, energy saving insulation. Temperature is adjusted using topside digital controls. With a 1.5 HP pump it’s a great deal for all who look for an high quality and reliable hot tub which not only works flawlessly, but also looks fantastic.


Spa-N-A-BoxSimple and cheap plug&play compact hot tub. Simply plug it into your electrical socket and fill it with water and you are good to go! For both indoor and outdoor uses. It’s designed for 4-5 people and is extremely lightweight weighing only 85 lbs when empty. Maximum temperature is 104 degrees Fahrenheit which is the most common maximum temperature. This temperature is achieved using 1000 Watt heater. Great portable hot tub for those who doesn’t have much space and are looking for good quality, cheap and lightweight hot tub.

What to consider before purchasing?

What’s the ideal size?
Inflatable hot tubs are available in few different shapes and sizes. While some are made to fit two or three people, others can comfortably seat up to eight people.

Can I plug it into 110V electrical socket?
While some spas may require 220V power, most of them works with common US 110V. Just plug them into the socket and the heater (and filter) is ready to work.

What do other people think of this product?
Always try to read user reviews when available. There is nothing more valuable than a review from a real user of the product. Be the one to leave the review after purchasing to help others decide. Did you change your opinion after few months of using the product? Don’t feel bad to change your review or to add more info to it.

Inflatable Hot Tubs: What Have They Got in Store for You?

What do you get from an inflatable hot tub? Why prefer it to conventional hot tubs? Take a look at these benefits of inflatable spas:

Main Advantages:

First, let’s see what advantages inflatable hot tubs have over their conventional counterparts.


As you might have figured out from the name, this type of hot tub is easily carried. It is its primary advantage compared to traditional ones. Conventional spas are pretty much permanent and if you do need to move them, it would take several hours or even days to disassemble and pack. Inflatable hot tubs are easily moved – it takes much less time to deflate and pack than conventional hot tubs. Once you arrive at your destination, it takes just as short to inflate and set it up. However, don’t forget that you need a level ground.


Setting up an inflatable spa is a piece of cake. Take a look at a step by step procedures in the manual, some people won’t even need that. The process is quite intuitive and fast. You can do it yourself. Don’t worry about electrician, there’s no need for an assistance as long as your hot tub can be plugged into common 110V US socket (Most can).


Another easily seen advantage with inflatable hot tubs is the price. They are considerably less expensive. Traditional spas have higher costs not just with the base price but also the additional setup fee that may come with them. You’d be glad to know that the inflatable spas can be as inexpensive as 10% of the price of traditional ones.


When comparing with traditional spas, you will find a lot of people pointing out that inflatable types are less durable than traditional ones. It may seem that they are not ideal with children around. However, if you choose a good one, it is actually more durable than expected. A popular material for such hot tubs is thick vinyl rubber. It can withstand even the rowdiest children. Besides, you’ll be keeping an eye on it anyway. Just keep sharp objects away and you’ll be using that tub for a long time. Also, in case it sustains a hole, the repair is easy. You only need a patch kit and you can do it yourself as well. Compare that to repairing a cracked fiber glass of a traditional spa.


An inflatable spa saves space in the house. Unlike a conventional one, you can set it up only when needed and pack it up after. Even if you choose not to store it, it takes comparatively less space than traditional spas.

Health Benefits

You can get multiple health benefits from a spa. Well, these can be gained from both traditional and inflatable ones. But here’s something for your consideration. Some people need a daily dip in a tub, likely as relief for joint pain. Let’s say you’re one of them. Such is a good reason to have a spa at home. If you only have a permanent spa and you go to a vacation, you’ll have to find a spa service establishment to get your daily dip. If there’s none, you’ll just have to skip a few days. With an inflatable spa, you won’t need to – as long as there’s an electrical outlet for you to plug it in.

Probable Uses

Now we’re done with the advantages, let’s go to the probable uses of inflatable hot tubs. What you’ll see here are just some suggestions. It is highly likely that you can think of many more the longer you own one.

  • Have a spa relaxation after a day’s work – you can do it daily.
  • Have an evening relaxation with friends – at your own place or bring it to your friend’s home.
  • Spend some bonding time with kids.
  • Set it up in your hotel room when on a trip to relax after the activities of the day.
  • Organize a hot tub party for co-workers or friends.

Comparing Inflatable Hot Tubs

Now, you decided you want an inflatable hot tub and decided to buy one. Like many things, inflatable spas aren’t created equal. You have a lot of options and making the correct selection can spell the difference between satisfaction and utter disappointment. Thus, it’s important to know how to compare them so you can get what you want. Don’t be afraid to spend some time in choosing – it will be worth it. Here are different characteristics to consider.


There are two elements about the size of a hot tub: how many people can fit and the space it will take. In most cases, the seller specifies the number of people the tub is made to hold. In general, inflatable types are smaller than conventional ones. There are lots that can fit two adults and the larger ones can fit up to six – considering average person size. Some models are fitted with raised seats so that children may sit in without the need to lower the water level.

The higher the capacity, the bigger the tub is. However, two tubs with the same capacity may require different amounts of space. This is because they may differ in the thickness of the walls.

Safety Features

Some safety features you may find: anti-skid flooring and seats, safety step stools (sold separately), maximum heat capacity (to prevent scalding), locking lids, and water filtration systems. A unit may have none, some, or all of these features. In any case, remember to supervise children when using the tub.

Water Jets

Tubs also differ in the number of water jets they have. There is no “correct” number of jets – it’s just a matter of personal preference. If you just want mild water turbulence, one jet is enough. If you want higher, then get one with more water jets. There are also those that have jets with controllable speeds.


Material is important of course. Tubs made of the more durable material are more expensive, but they are worthy investments.

Other Features

Aesthetic features, such as decorative lights and makeshift waterfalls, are aplenty with the more expensive models. Other features are ladders, custom colors, and cup holders.

Price and Warranty

Then, you have price and warranty which are important in any product. Be sure you get the details of these clear before buying.


An inflatable hot tub can really be beneficial for you. It is an inexpensive option in owning a personal spa which offers portability and other advantages. When buying one, take your time in knowing the details so you get one that gives the best value for your money.

How to set-up your hot tub?

Take a look at this video for Coleman Lay-Z-Spa so you can grasp the general concept.


Why should you buy a blow-up whirlpool?

There is nothing more pleasurable than sinking into a beautifully warm hot tub after a long hard day. Sadly though, not all of us have the space, let alone the funds, to actually be able to do this regularly. Thankfully though, there is a solution. Let me introduce you to the idea of an inflatable spa.

It does exactly what it says on the tin. When you want to use it, you just pump it up, fill it up with water, and add your chemicals. Once you are done it is simply a case of emptying it out and deflating the tub. You can then leave it in storage until its next use. Most of you will fill it and use it for months! Others will take it out only on special occasions.

The obvious advantage of an inflatable spa is the fact that it will not take up too much space and can be moved away anytime. As you may know, permanent installations are going to take up more space in the end, they cannot be moved if you change your mind. This is not good for those who have smaller homes. In fact, even larger homes may find that having a permanent spa is not the best idea when it comes to utilization of space. Inflatable tubs will take up next to none of your space whilst they are in storage. You will actually be surprised at just how small these things go when they are not packed with air. When you do use it, they will obviously take up roughly the same amount of space as a permanent solution. However, you can obviously use that space whatever you want once it has been deflated again.

In addition to this, the fact that they are not permanent means that they can be easily transported. How nifty would it be to turn up to a party with an inflatable hot tub in tow? Absolutely everybody will love you! Most inflatable spas do not weight more than a couple of pounds. This means that they should be fairly easy to carry about on your own.

Finally, inflatable hot tubs tend to be a LOT cheaper than their permanent counterparts. When I say a lot cheaper, I mean a fraction of the cost. This means that they are suitable for those who do not have that much of a budget to play with, but still love to jump into a spa from time to time.

One of people’s main concerns when it comes to owning an inflatable tub is the fact that they do not think that portable spas are ‘up to the job’. Trust me when I say that inflatable hot tubs nowadays are better than they have ever been. The quality of the materials used means that you can place them on just about any flat surface and not having to worry about them ‘breaking’.

Inflatable hot tubs are the cheapest one. They are lightweight and easy to set-up but can be easily pierced and damaged if not used properly and carefully. Avoid wearing clothing with sharp parts which can pierce the spa.

It is worth noting that in the past inflatable spas tended to be built for just small groups of people. Nowadays though, you can get them in just about any size. This makes them the perfect solution for those who want to use a hot tub on occasion but simply do not have the space to commit to having a permanent one installed. Don’t worry, these things are just as good.

How does a hot tub heater work?hot tub heater

Hot tubs have taken the world by storm as it has gained popularity among homeowners who desire to have their own spa at home. Spas range from large to small pools full of heated water and typically used by couples, families, and ailing individuals for pleasure, hydrotherapy and massage purposes. Sometimes, hot tubs are known by their trade name Jacuzzi or spas.

A hot tub is quite the opposite of typical bathtubs. It is designed to accommodate more than one person at a time and is frequently installed outdoors. Also, the water used for hot tubs is not changed, but rather kept clean using sanitation processes like those methods used in sanitizing swimming pools.

Hot tubs come in different types and designs such as roto-molded, acrylic, cement, wood, stainless steel, glass fiber and vinyl lined. Among these types, the portable vinyl-lined or inflatable hot tubs are available at a very affordable price as they are smaller and need less power of about 110-120 V.

Usually, inflatable hot tubs are heated using natural gas or an electric heater, nevertheless, there are also solar hot water heaters and submersible wood fire hot tub systems. You can also find hot tubs made in natural hot springs where water can be dangerously hot. If this happens, the hot water will be combined with cold water to achieve a safe soaking temperature.
For a normal built in, portable or inflatable spa, the heater warms the water on the go, while the pump is pumping the water to circulate. To prevent losing heat during use, the energy efficiency of the hot tub should by improved through effective insulation. Hot tub insulation comes in several different styles. Some manufacturers insulate the inside of the cabinet, the underside of the shell or both, while others fill the entire cabinet with foam. As expected, most of these manufacturers promote their superior insulation approach; however, there are only few side by side comparisons available.

Ultimately, the hot tub heater and hot tub pump consume most of the tub’s power capacity; yet, the use of power varies depending on their size. The Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PGEC) has studied the energy efficiency of hot tubs, thereafter, the National Resources Canada and California Energy Commission became interested also on portable hot tubs’ energy efficiency in the late 2006. As a result, California’s listing of movable electric hot tub takes into account standby watts and R values of thermal insulation.

There are cheap inflatable hot tubs that are easy to install and set up, however, its water may take a while to warm up and may lose heat when used. Thus, to reduce the issue of evaporative losses from the pool, hot tub covers are made use of. It was found out that covers with small R-value can aid in achieving the maximum of 75% decline in heating costs during usage compared to leaving the tub’s water exposed.

There are many types of hot tub or spa covers. Some covers are made from rolling, tonneau, insulate and aluminum materials. Moreover, it would be best to choose covers that offer better insulation because they are energy efficient and have lighter inner parts.

 Ideal gift for your family

If you are looking for a gift that will make every family member smile, than inflatable or portable hot tub is the best candidate. Imagine family evenings with hot tub filled with water, a glass of champagne, sky full of stars. Or a cold autumn evening spend in a warm water of hot tub talking with your friends or family. There are not many things that are enjoyed by both men and women. If you want to please everybody, inflatable hot tub is the right choice.

If your family loves swimming rather than just soaking in the water, go for a swim spa.

What are the advantages of portable hot tubs?

Everybody loves the pleasure of getting into a warm water. But built in spa solutions are pretty costly and often impractical. It’s not easy nowadays to have enough space for a built in spa. This is when a portable spa comes in place. Not just you can take it to the parties or anywhere with you easily (Well, they weigh more than the inflatable ones) but you can also store them in literally no space in comparison to permanent hot tubs.

In my opinion, and the opinion of thousands of other people, there is no better feeling that spending the evening relaxing in a hot tub. In fact, there is nothing better than lazing about the whole day in a whirlpool (if only that was possible!). As you may know, when it comes to hot tubs you have a number of different options available on the market. Perhaps the most popular is the idea of a portable one. On this page I want to take a little look at the advantages of them.

First and foremost the main advantage is actually in the name. They are portable! You can take them just about wherever you want (within reason of course!). You turn up at a party with a transportable hot tub in tow and everybody will love you. Seriously. They are fun. A lot of fun. You do not have to carry around much equipment either. The vast majority of hot tubs nowadays are tiny. You just need to throw it in the back of your vehicle and you are ready to go!

The second advantage is that they are easy to store. One of the main reasons as to why people opt for movable spas is the fact that they really do not have enough space around their home to put a full-sized whirlpool (those things take up a lot of space!). They do want to enjoy the spoils of some beautifully hot water from time to time though. This is where a portable hot tub comes into play. You can just inflate it and put it just about anywhere you want. When you are done you can deflate it and put it into storage. As I mentioned previously, the vast majority of portable tubs available on the market are rather small in size when it comes to storage. In the past they took up a lot of space. Nowadays even the best of hot tubs can fit into a small box.

Finally, portable hot tubs tend to be a great deal cheaper than purchasing a proper permanent unit. Obviously you do not have the thrill of being able to jump into the hot tub whenever you wish. However, the cost savings are more than going to make up for the lack of being able to do this. In fact, the cost factor is probably one of the main reasons as to why people end up purchasing a portable one. They are just a fraction of the price, and you get something that functions in much the same way.

As you can see, there are a number of benefits to purchasing hot tubs which are portable. There are a number of them available on the market. It is important that you always choose the best one that you can afford. This way you can be sure that it is going to give you many years of happy life without faltering on you!