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One Person Hot Tub

Why waste space and electricity running a big hot tub when you can have an amazing hot tub just for you. When it comes to 1 person hot tubs, there are not as many to choose from as in 4 person inflatable hot tubs. Our favorite one is a hot tub combined with a bath tub. Here is our favourite 1
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What is the average price of a hot tub?

To sum it up: A built in concrete hot tub usually costs more than 10,000$, an acrylic one between 5,000$ and 10,000$. Then portable hot tub around 2,000$ and last but not least, inflatable hot tub for around 400$. If you are on a budget, then consider buying an inflatable hot tub. For the price (usually around 400$) you actually get


Aromatherapy Oils for the Best Hot Tub Experience

Everybody deserves that one stress-free Friday night wherein you don’t get to take care of anything else but yourself. You light the candles, turn on that calming music and ready that warm soothing bath. Then suddenly, you feel like something is absolutely missing. It’s as if you want to relax, but you cannot. This is the part when aromatherapy can


Why do people prefer inflatable tubs (Jacuzzi)?

Inflatable hot tub is commonly known as Jacuzzi. Why such a strange name? In 1915 seven brothers founded a company in Italy, and called it Jacuzzi and Brothers, after war, they started making laminated whirlpools and became on of the world’s most famous brand regarding hot tubs. The name Jacuzzi is now commonly used as a synonym to the word:

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6 Essential Tips To Consider Before Buying Your Hot Tub

Decide Which one do You Want Do you want to use your portable hot tub indoors or outdoors? Your answer to this question will determine the size of the hot tub you should purchase. The spa size will of course depend mostly on the available space you have. Do you want an inexpensive inflatable spa or would you rather buy a portable but
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How Hot Should My Blow up Spa Be?

While there are many brands of hot tubs, all of them have one thing in common and that thing is warm water. One of the biggest reasons why warm water is the preferred choice is that warm water has therapeutic effects and these therapeutic effects adds to the benefits of owning an hot tub. Even though the definition of warm


How to get rid of your hot tub

If for whatever reason, your hot tub no longer interests you, then, there are several ways by which you can either remove it or sell it off. To get rid of your hot tub, there are four options and they are discussed below. If you, instead of getting rid of one, want to find the best blow up spa for you,


5 Most Common Causes Of Turbid Water

Turbid water if often a problem number one. It’s one of the biggest problems being faced by hot tub or pool owners.  By turbid, I mean your hot tub water is cloudy, milky or foamy. In simple terms, your water is not clean. And who would like that ? So, what are the causes of a milky water? Causes Old


Top Four Questions About A Hot Tub Warranty That You Should Ask Before Buying

One of the biggest mistakes a lot of people make when trying to purchase their hot tubs is to overlook the warranty that comes with the brand of hot tub they intend to buy. In as much as the dollar discounts are necessary, there may be some fine details that may be hidden by the companies or brands when they

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5 Essential Hot Tub Accessories

Much as a soak in a hot tub provides therapeutic effects, it can also provide a form of relaxation. There are lots of tools to make your soak in a hot tub provide you with a health benefit as well as a relaxing experience. In this article, we will go through the must-haves to make you have a very relaxing

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Answers To Your Top 5 Questions About Buying A Used Hot Tub

The main reason why anyone will consider buying a used hot tub instead of a new one is basically price. While a new tub will cost in the range of thousands of dollars, a quality used one can be bought for around one thousand dollars. But if you really want a new one + a quality one, than go for


Top 7 Tips For Meditating In Your Hot Tub

One of the biggest benefits of having a hot tub bath is the ability to relax your body. This one benefit is also one of the benefits of meditation. Aside relaxation, the meditation also has the following advantages; Lowering of blood pressure, which helps individuals who have various heart ailments or the other. It also helps you to maintain a

4 Critical Tips On How You Can Measure Your Tub Cover

One of the biggest reasons why you can fail when trying to measure the cover for your tub is not taking a little bit of time to learn how to properly measure the cover for your tub. Of course, you know that if you fail at taking the right measurement for your cover, you end up buying the wrong cover


4 Most Commonly Used Foundation Types For A Hot Tub

So you are now prepared to install your tub. You understand the benefits of having a tub in the house, you have done your research and have found the right choice that you deem perfect for you. Now you should abide by the following 4 rules of thumb; Your tub must not be close to any power line. In actual

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3 Important Measures To Take Before Buying Your Hot Tub Cover

If you had performed due diligence before purchasing your hot tub, then, you must have discovered that some hot tubs came with covers, while some had no covers. If for some reasons, you bought the tub without a cover, then, have no fear. What if I tell you that you can still purchase the right cover for your hot tub


Which Chemicals Do You Use To Disinfect Your Tub?

Much as inflatable hot tubs are a nice thing to have in a family house, their maintenance is also very important. If you decide to disinfect your tub by yourself, you are likely to be faced with the dilemma of choosing which chemical is the right one to use for your tub. After that you need to decide concentration levels of

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7 Often Overlooked Ways To Keep Your Children Safe From Hot Tub Accidents

Three of the most common causes of bath tub accidents are; Slipping Over exposure to heat; this could lead to Electrocution via the electrical device Burns from the hot water Near drowning These three account for nearly 75% of bathtub accidents recorded over the years, and some of these accidents have resulted in the hospitalization of the victims (source: The

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Getting A Hot Bath After Surgery

There are a few small things that can help people regain their physical strength and well-being after a surgery. Getting a hot bath is one of them. A lot of people prefer getting a hot or warm bath because the heat helps them relax and unwind. But beyond the undeniable relaxation and relief that hot baths provide to a person

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The Importance of Hot Tub Covers

Is it a good idea to get a cover for your inflatable or portable hot tub? Like all covers for other containers, a hot tub cover offers protection. When the tub is not in use, put the cover on. This will keep the tub safe from impurities like insects, pine cones, trash, leaves, or twigs that may inadvertently find their way into


How To Keep Your Hot Tub Water Clean

Your hot tub is where you spend leisure time in as you relax, unwind, and let the warmth melt your stress and tension away. And like the other areas in the house, it needs some tender loving care through periodic cleaning and maintenance. A sparkling clean tub also needs clean water so that you can get a good, soothing soak