23 Funniest Pool Fails

Well, pools are like a magnet to some trouble! Loved it? Share it! What do you imagine when thinking about swimming in the pool? Relaxation? Improving health? Staying fit? Losing weight? Entertaining? It doesn’t actually matter what you imagine before your body gets into the water, because it might never happen, as any pool, both located in your backyard and


Eddie’s experience with Spa’s

Hot tubs remind me of hot spring pools. I can still remember when my brother and I were younger, when our parents would bring us to hot springs during vacations and we enjoyed our day swimming and feasting on grilled barbecue dishes. I spent hours in the warm water not feeling tired but reenergized, up to the point that my

Hot Tub

Lisa’s thoughts on Hot Tubs

I have never owned my own hot tub.  This does not mean that I have not spend many hours in hot tubs before!  Although I might be considered a ‘novice’ when it comes to hot tubs, to be honest, I don’t really care about the ownership, but one-hundred percent about the purpose it serves. For me a hot tub is